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New York NY Acts of war and deliberate bloodshed are horribly real subjects but so repetitively human that the artworks commemorating them tend to recede into bland symbolism, as with most war memorials. Tsoi was born in Sichuan, China, inand began drawing compulsively at the age of 5.

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This masterpiece of his middle years — finished inwhen he was 46 — is more startling in some ways than his youthful David. After all, it is one thing to portray a young warlike hero naked, in the ancient Greek style, as the young Michelangelo did when he carved David. It is quite another thing to make a stark-naked statue of Jesus to go in a church.

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Early Christian art was highly influenced by religious, political, and cultural changes. In contrast to the classical, idealistic portrayal of man, Early Christian art took a much more stylized approach to the depiction of man, with a neglected attention to human anatomy. The subject matter of much of the art turned from secular to religious; Christianity to be more specific.

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The Renaissance era itself, a word that means rebirth, was a European movement that brought about the rediscovery of Classical Greek Philosophy, thus painters began refocusing on mythological stories. However, Florentine art during the years of Michelangelo was still greatly influenced by the Church and papacy. Naturally, other biblical scenes were also popular, the birth of Christ for instance, but it is the death and resurrection that was most prominent in the choice of artwork exhibited.

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What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially. For this photographic project I decided to use different qualities of light and the way they transfigure the body and allow new symbolic and expressive meanings about it, creating dreamlike images and fleeting atmospheres. Nude transfiguration of light is divided in three group series, where I experiment with very specific aspects of natural and artificial lightning on image composition.

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London-based photographer, filmmaker and artist Ben Hopper teamed up with renowned circus artists and dancers for his experimental photo series Transfiguration, currently exhibiting at the Roundhouse as part of CircusFest We caught up with Hopper to discover his inspiration behind the project and his top tips for those just staring out in photography…. Three and a half years later, I quit, bought a camera and started taking photographs.

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What would be my language of memorialization? Are photojournalists the only ones to tell these stories? These questions plagued me for months. A Facebook posting asking for photographs from that period resulted in one image — Maria and her parents.

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InSite Search Search. Francios Jullien, the well-known French Sinologist who is familiar with both Chinese and European art, observes the main difference between them: the European art prefers Form, the Chinese, movement. European art is keen on body as its subject.

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Dates and locations. The great tantric tradition of India presents a unique opportunity to discover the Divine through the use of ancient rituals and ritualistic practices. Rituals provide a direct link to universal energies, which can be invoked in a powerful and provocative way to produce mystical effects and transformation — within ourselves as well as the world around us. There are countless rituals in Tantra, however, in this workshop we will explore those that arouse and awaken the sensuality and eroticism that is innate in all of us.


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