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Top definition. If I don't get my wayI'm going to open up a can of whoop-ass. Retribution ; or an act which manifests such.

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Cox also noted that he wants to grow the union tomembers from its current level ofOn the other hand, one has to wonder: Will colorful language such as this appeal to the professionals who make up much of the federal workforce or will it drive them away? I doubt anyone can answer in a definitive way.

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On our first night in Lancaster county PA, in some nondescript but friendly motel, we were just settling down for the night when we hear a bellow from the next room:. But they do and now so do I, with full Southern accent. Well, weeks later, after driving up to Niagara falls and heading south, down the east coast, we found ourselves in the charming town of Charleston, South Carolina.

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High blood pressure is not good for any of us and there are some people who are putting MY health and well being at risk and possibly yours. When I see these people on the news, the stress overtakes me. I want to reach into the screen, grab them, and grab my can of whoop ass, all for reasons of selfishness, arrogance, narcissism, greed, or just plain stupidity.

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Forgot password? We moderate all questions to prevent duplicates, offensive grammar, and laziness. Chuck Norris doesn't pity a fool, he just makes him disappear.

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Last edited on Apr 15 To commit violence, or to celebrate intensely usually with alcohol. Popularized nationally in the film "Something About Mary.

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If you consider that the first president I really remember is Ronald Reagan, you're reading this and probably thinking, "She's just a baby. As children, we are fed knowledge and our sense of the world through a variety of sources; not only the shape of our environment and experiences, but also our parents, siblings, teachers, books, technology, and media. Sometimes these versions of the world are watered down -- for space issues in a textbook, or time concerns enforced by an impatient parent or a television program slot.

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We've laughed about opening a can of whoop ass previously with each other. So when she saw the small box in the gift bag and began opening it, she stopped. A phrase used to indicate that the target is about to be introduced to a whole world of pain.

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The label, all the way around the Can, was specific to our creative abilities and services. Beyond those typical placements we mailed out a Can of Whoop Ass to our preferred clients and best prospects. We sent out many, many additional Cans to people with all kinds of stories


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