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Is Littlefinger about to get some ass-whooping from Jon? So many ques Log In Sign Up.

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I hate the Black-Eyed Peas. You hate the Black-Eyed Peas. Thanks, Kelly!

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Masterson is Rooster, the unsung older brother who replaced Colt 15 years earlier as the not-quite-golden son at home. Sam Elliott is their father, Beau, an anti-P. And Debra Winger is their mother, Maggie, who shuttles between the Airstream behind her bar and the bed of her hardheaded spouse.

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This is a lovely little gem of comedy that has been dubbed "Spooby" after the rather unusual insult used in this bit. For your entertainment I am making available both the audio for my own personal transcription of this story. My transcription is a watered down version to keep my content some what clean but the audio contains all of the colorful language in all of its original glory. If you are not a fan of comedians that curse then this is not for you - consider yourself warned.

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But if you ask me, getting offended by stand-up comedy is like getting burned by the sun: both are easily avoidable. All it takes is a little sunscreen and maturity. I purposely censored myself so as not to offend you.

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Oozing with girl-power and independence, Whip It Fox Searchlight,directed by Drew Barrymore, simply kicks ass in the best way possible. A contact sport film with girls in skimpy outfits and fishnets for the boys and a coming-of-age tale for the girls, Whip It is able to entertain anyone. Seventeen year-old Bliss Cavendar Ellen Page is an alternative outcast in her middle-of-nowhere town in Texas.

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It's something that once made him famous, something that made millions of people laugh. He takes a sip from a bottle of water. Back in the Nineties, under the moniker of the Jerky Boys, Brennan, along with his partner and co-conspirator Kamal Ahmed, regularly used to ring people up and assume the role of overbearing whiner, aggressive meathead, astoundingly flamboyant out-of-work actor or any number of other outlandish characters.

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Burns assassin Maggie. With his series centering around a shockingly narcissistic, hilariously oblivious version of himself—a middle-aged, casually employed television writer—comedy god Larry David lands himself just a couple of slots away from the show he co-created with Jerry Seinfeld in On Seinfeldmisanthropic George reportedly represented David, but Costanza is a gentle lamb compared to the gaffe-tastic character David portrays on Curb.

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Available on Netflix today, Baby Cobraa riff on Wong's favorite yoga pose, features the whip-smart, wonderfully raunchy comic at her best. Jokes range from trapping her Harvard Business School husband, to the ingredients for a perfect marriage e. It'll be the best way trust us to spend the weekend.

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In 11 QuestionsThe A. Club asks interesting people 11 interesting questions—and then asks them to suggest one for our next interviewee. Godfrey answers The A.


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